Environmental Policy

McKenna Group realise that, in the pursuance of its business objectives, it has a responsibility to protect and sustain the environment. By exercising adequate controls over its activities we will promote the use of sustainable resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices. Environmental responsibility means first that our actions should comply with the relevant legislation. 

In all of our activities McKenna Group will aim to: 

  1. Protect and where possible enhance the natural environment 
  2. Promote the reduction of the unnecessary use of natural resources
  3. Minimise the creation of waste through our own activities and being environmentally conscious when purchasing equipment and materials 
  4. Prevent pollution created through our company’s activities and endeavour to reduce air, water, land, light and noise pollution 
  5. Promote the importance to all employees and sub contractors of reducing, reusing and recycling waste produced by McKenna Group
  6. Ensure all employees are trained in environmental issues including how to prevent pollution; how to minimise waste and how they can help protect the environment in their day to day jobs 
  7. McKenna Group encourages all of its personnel to act in a way that will enhance rather than harm the environment